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ARROW Inspire 2.3 Diamond vanes
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21 6 34.99 723560271139 AE0007E 0 XXX009|SL 7 7 1000 95069990 -2--13--21- ARROWS > Fletched Arrows > Carbon A "Inspiré is a carbon shaft produced to Easton quality tolerances with a wide range of spines for the beginning archer of any age. SPECIFICATIONS Small-diameter, micro-smooth carbon finish Available in ten sizes One-piece points included in factory-fletched shafts Parallel design Bulk-fletched arrows include points" Carbon ARROW Inspire 2.3 Diamond vanes 1 dozen - 1600 ARROW Inspire 2.3 Diamond vanes - 1 dozen - 1600 - Easton - - 723560271139 -
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