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6 duplicated by 23794 31 755.99 CD00005 Alluminium 37.50 7.00 4.72 0.80 25.50 31.00 Vegas 50 60.00 RH 0 SKU18652 31 0 8000 95069990 -1--3--6- BOWS > Compound > 37 C The New Vegas-E 3D features a redesigned riser and a new limb pocket design for better control of limb alignment and a more controlled shot along with our pateneted new E-System. The new Equalizer Cable System is the closest thing you can get to a totally balanced shooting system. The adjustable draw module, positive limb stops and assortment of draw stop tabs gives the shooter complete control of their draw length. The split yoke system that anchors on the axles, outboard of the limbs, totally equalize/stabilize the limbs and reduce the load on the cam bearings. The Vegas 3D limb length has been shortened, resulting in a lower brace height and an increase in its power stroke at all draw lengths, while retaining the desired balance of the Vegas. This has produced more stored energy and better performance while retaining most of the shooting attributes of the Vegas. 37 VEGAS E 3D Candy Green with Black Limbs VEGAS E 3D - Candy Green with Black Limbs - Darton - - - duplicated by 23794 7075 Cams 1/4" Axles 5/8" Bearings .790 Limbs and Limb Pockets (Add Stability) New grip angle SPECIFICATIONS: SPEED: 310-315 FPS AXLE-TO-AXLE: 37 1/2" BRACE HEIGHT: 7” MASS WEIGHT: 4.72 LBS. DRAW LENGTHS: 25.5"-31" DRAW WEIGHTS: 40, 50, 60, 70 LET-OFF: LET-OFF: 80% (adjustable)
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