Cookie Law

Cookies Law (2009/136 / EC)

We inform you that the site uses cookies for optimal site management and to provide greater functionality. You are free at any time to accept or not accept cookies by independently modifying the settings you previously set on the browsers you use to navigate as described below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text contents that are placed on your device with which you browse in a site (computer, smartphone, tablet etc.) using the most popular browsers (for example Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Android Browser , Opera, etc.)

What are cookies for?

Cookies are essentially used for three different purposes: the first to improve your overall browsing experience on the site, for example by keeping track of the products you have placed in your cart or in your website favorites. The second one with aggregate analysis statistical purposes that allow to improve the site functionalities (for example how many users visit the site, which are the most visited and therefore most appreciated pages), through the use of tools such as Google Analytics service provided by the company Google Inc. The third for advertising purposes allow you to offer advertisements more in line with your tastes on the site you are browsing or on sites with advertisements affiliated, for example, to the company Google Inc.

What cookies do we use, with what functionality?

Cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • Remember your login information
  • Prevent fraudulent activity and improve safety
  • Allow yourself to share on the most common social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Detect site statistics to monitor the most visited pages and products through Google Analytics and Google Adwords services provided by the company Google Inc.
  • If you have already responded to a survey pop-up on the usefulness of the content found, to avoid repeating it
  • If you have authorized the use of cookies on the site.

How can I disable cookies

The most widespread and most used internet browsers in Italy (on our website the most used are Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Android Browser, Opera, etc.) are normally and initially set to accept cookies. Each of the indicated browsers allows you to manage the blocking of cookies or to warn you when you are sent to the device you are using. Note: if you use different devices to browse on our or other sites, you must indicate your preferences with respect to cookies, for each of the browsers you use on each device. Through the management of the browsers you use, you are free at all times to change the settings you have previously set.

Good surfing.

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